When your eye is off the prize everyone loses. I have noticed that when my eye is on one prize I am able to obtain it. When my eyes wander, (and by eyes I am meaning a mixture of actual eyes and attention), I lose sight of the goal slowly. Your passion for God can be at a 20 one day, and the next day you try to carry the day before’s grace in with you. You assume since I was at 20 yesterday, I am the same of maybe you deceive yourself by believing I’m a 19 today, and look at the people around me… definitely under 5’s… I mean how misguided can you be? When you start comparing yourself and your walk against others-trust me- it’s you who is out of balance with the Lord.

Tim and I have been talking about how easy it is to slip out of routine, practiced and perfected time with the Lord. It happens so quickly. Normally we leave church-PUMPED- raring to go, anxious to get home and go further into the word and researching more of the word of knowledge we received that morning, and instead life invades. It just does. Worries, stresses, children, lunch, schedules, routines, everything you had planned flies out the window.

Don’t deceive yourself by believing that God excuses your busyness. It’s almost like your children going to school; there are absences that are excused and unexcused- there is never a time that God looks at us and says, “your unexcused”. The greatest part is that He doesn’t even judge our time with Him, He simply desires it. When He goes walking in the garden to speak with us, to spend time with us, he doesn’t call out- you are excused, He just says, “Where are you?” Today I ask you and I… “where are we?” When He calls us by name each new day- and we allow life to trample our time with Him, where are we? What were we doing that really would have impacted our future. We are ill prepared for heaven if we don’t even spend time with Him here. When you think the worship service is going too long, just remember… you will spend all of eternity surrounding His throne singing to Him; get good at it here. Get good at time with Him here. Chose Him over anything else that comes your way. Your children will remember the days you chose reading and studying His word over playing a game. How I am preaching to myself… He is desperate for time with us that is filled with more than our requests and pleas.

Seek Him First… Everything else; better scheduling, quicker tasks, will come your way, He will give you time back, in abundance, because He always returns what we give Him, pressed down, shaken together and running over.




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