When Favor Comes In

I have expressed on here multiple times that we have a son who is struggling with his education; I have been advocating for him as fiercely as I can. It has been a trial. A true trial. A long and hard struggle and the hardest parts haven’t come yet.

I have never looked at my children and thought- “they are gifted”, I haven’t ever thought, “my kids are below average”. I have thought, “why is my kids paper so different?”

Mom’s are given this beautifully unique gift that is just ours- not to say that there aren’t dads out there with it, but it’s predominantly moms. We hang up papers that make no sense, have no true artistic or aesthetics value, that would be something I would have to pay someone else to take, and we see how beautiful it is. We remember that at one point, they couldn’t hold a crayon at all. We remember the first line they drew, the first time they could form a letter and then piece a group of letters into their name. It is beautiful to us, and more so because they brought it home, un-crumpled it from their backpack and handed it to us, with their beautiful eyes shining begging us to show appreciation and recognition of their accomplishments.

When I walk the halls at their school and stand outside of their classroom and look at the brag wall- I know immediately which items are my children’s. I am not cutting them. They are so beautifully created.

Loralei is the absolute sweetest person I have ever met. She is beyond measure the most tender hearted and loving girl I could have ever asked for. She makes me cards and tells me how much she loves me all the time. Melt my heart.

Cash is a builder, a creator, an architect in the making. A musician, an anything he puts his mind too. The robots made from cereal boxes are hiding in every closet in the house- almost.

They have encountered difficulty. They have persevered. They have not given up, or given in. They continue to pursue excellence. We have fought to have the children tested to find out where the difficulties are coming in. I had beautiful advice given to me regarding my daughter from her sweet first grade teacher. When we say LD in the school system it means Learning Disabilities; as most children are considered “normal” the thought of your child being labelled LD is heart wrenching. Knowing they will be put in special classrooms, or pulled out of class makes you cringe. That they should stand out for anything below excellence in their studies is scary. The social interactions that they could endure, the hurt and pain; you just want to protect them, so you fight the LD for awhile. You say- “Testing?” uh… no. This was my husband’s response. Tim was completely against testing. No one was going to call his children anything but normal. Unfortunately, he married me, and no one is going to hold my children to a standard they can’t maintain when they are giving their best. I pushed and he acquiesced, finally allowing me to pursue testing. I got through to him using the advice from Loralei’s teacher, “you cannot view LD as a disability- just a difference. Everyone learns differently, but some children need additional help because their differences are more extensive than others.”

This changed Tim’s view and allowed me to go into warrior mode. I don’t fight for many things, in fact I sit silently and pray for most things, I don’t go into verbal war unless you touch one of my passions; but when it concerns my children- prepare yourself!

I compiled various papers with scores and family histories, multiple concerns noted by myself and the teacher and met to discuss a Child Study Meeting. Here in Chesterfield, VA. we have to go through a step by step process to get approval for testing. After a bit of work, I finally got approval for Loralei to be tested. We knew she struggled, but just didn’t understand why; after testing it was shown that she has a long term memory recall. A large part of that began to make sense to us; even just in home activities. Loralei can not do multi step directions. She needs 1 direction, time to execute and then can come back for a 2nd instruction. To overload her with multiple directions, it is a recipe for disaster.

Cash was considered too young per his progress vs. the National standard. Unfortunately, he isn’t meeting the county standard so we were at a loss. He works so very hard to read and write. His writing is huge, messy and everywhere. Everything I read of his makes me laugh. He is so funny even in his writing. I fought like a warrior and was turned down flat for testing. I agreed to retain him because his progress in reading and writing were so minimal, but the more I thought of him staying behind, the more it started to bother me. Because he is so intelligent and he shouldn’t lose time because of something he can’t control.

I spent days and days searching for someone who could do private testing. Hopes and dreams and let downs, and days later, I began praying for favor. I got a call back today from a Psychologist who can provide the testing we need, and even greater, our insurance will cover all of his services.

Can I get an Amen!!!! Dancing for joy, singing in the rain, so incredibly happy to know that the Lord is here, that He cares and is ready to dispatch angels who mess with appointment calendars!

If we find that Cash has no abnormal findings; we rejoice. If they find out he has something that hinders his abilities to read and write; we rejoice. That is the purpose of knowledge. When Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the Lord had no choice but to punish the behavior; but all He had tried to do was protect the amount of information they would later have to store, and then use. When we are knowledgeable about things pertaining to ourselves and our children, we are able to develop tactics and prayers to fight on their behalf.

We have a couple weeks before the test and another until we receive the results. How I long to tell you I was wrong, and he is perfectly fine… if he isn’t, his mom is a warrior, standing guard and ready to do all she has to; to ensure he has a successful future.

If you are fighting a battle today- we believe with you that favor is coming your way. Never lose, faith or hope. Continue to persevere. You will find Him in the place of your greatest perseverance.





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