That’s What I Love About Fridays!

Friday- My favorite day.

I love Fridays. I remember that my love for Friday’s started in High School. I loved going to the football games, the smell of hot chocolate, hot dogs, and the brisk air- perfect fall weather. It was my happy place. I am a jeans and sweat shirt kinda girl. I think that also began in High School. As an adult I realize that it was a struggle with body image, and I was in no need of being concerned about that- but I was. I wore larger than necessary sweatshirts and I could hide inside it. Friday’s have continued to be a beautiful part of my life. It is the day I get to go home to my family and then stay with them for 2 extra days. I love that.

I love sitting on the floor piecing a quilt while my babies come to talk to me. (They will always be my babies, but they are respectively 7 & 8). We talk about all sorts of things. The bring up topics and we deal with them without embarrassment or shame. My son heard a song a few weeks ago and while we were riding down the road he brought it up- our conversation went something like this:

Cash: “Mom, I heard a song today.”

Me: “Ok, what song did you hear.”

Cash:”I can be a freak.”

Me: “Hmmm (in s sweet sounding way)… where did you hear that?”

Cash: “From someone. I wanted to ask you about it though- because I didn’t think it was good.”

Me: (My spirit is soaring- he knows- even without understanding!) “I am so glad that you asked me about this, because that song isn’t appropriate.” “What is most important is that your spirit spoke that to you before I did, and that means your relationship with Jesus is working!”

Cash: (Smiling largely) “That’s good, right, mom?”

Me: “That is very good. Thanks for bringing this to me and trusting me to talk with you about it.”


Our conversations aren’t always so easy- or so quickly solved. There are days when, like everyone else, we struggle to understand one another. I have often felt robbed of the time at home with my children, and when the Lord allows me to speak into the kids’ lives and have them trust me, it assures me that despite my feelings or availability, He will continue to lead them in truth, with or without me.

There is something about a Friday. I’m telling you. I don’t know what it is, but it brings possibility to me. I begin creating crafts in my mind before the materials are even in hand. I process through all of our options for the weekend and how best to use our time and finances to make memories. I long for the days of fall football games and spring basketball games, sharing these events with our children before it’s their time to be in school. I want us being there to be a normal occurrence. I don’t want a day to come where they think, “Why are my parents here?” Instead- we go together, and while they can go off and learn what it is to fall and get back up, emotionally and socially, we will be there, to cart them home, wipe their tears speak words of encouragement and love and remind them who they are and what they are called to be.

We can’t continue to live distracted, heads turned by every little thing, if I am not intentional now, teaching what end results should be, I am not preparing them for Friday nights and those awkward middle and high school years; and man, those days are rapidly approaching. Praying I can continue to be a mom who hears with heart, mind and spirit when those really difficult conversations come.

Praying for you too, that if you are already there or are headed there, that your relationships would be founded on solid rock, unmoving, unwavering, undisturbed by the storms of this life.





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