Celebrating Her Life

Today we will lay to rest a dear member of our family. A woman who was so very special to my brother and I as children. A little family background regarding my mothers side of the family.

We are a large family.

97% live within the same county.

85% respectively live within 5 miles of one another.

All of us are blessed to be a part of this family. My Nannie has 7 brother’s and sister. We have lost 2 of them already. They are missed, and always will be. This week we lost the wife of my nan’s brother, Uncle Ralph; Aunt Dee.

We often had family events as I was growing up, Family Reunions, and weekends spent seeing at minimum two of the brothers or sisters, and loving every minute. I have a dancing family. Oh yeah… they dance, and they do it wonderfully. I have danced with all of them. I always loved going to those events, because I was guaranteed an opportunity to be asked to dance by one of my great uncles. My great aunts and my nan can cut a rug you wouldn’t believe. I love it. Just thinking of it now, makes me emotional because I know that I am running out of time with them. Not because they are growing older, but because we all have a time we will be called home and none of us know when it will be.

Aunt Delores was fun. She was an energizer bunny just going and going, and I love her. At all of these family events she was organizing or playing games with all of us kids. She and my brother would wrestle and as the mother of four boys, she knew exactly how to do it. When I was pregnant with our daughter, Aunt Dee and Aunt Hazel both brought me the most beautiful crochet blankets- so beautiful I wouldn’t even use them. Now that Loralei is old enough to take care of precious things, I will get them down from their hiding place in her closet and let her give life to those beautiful creations.

One of the amazing parts to Aunt Dee’s story is that her sister, Hazel, is married to my nan’s other brother, Billy. Yep two sisters married to two brothers. Is that not the coolest thing?

The Lord has his timing, and when He calls, we obey. Aunt Dee left us and headed home, and as a family we grieve and celebrate her life. She leaves behind a wonderful family who will certainly miss her daily presence and incredible wit. My Uncle Ralph has had little existence without Aunt Dee, and I weep for him after 61 years of marriage to this wonderful woman, alone. When you read this will you offer a prayer for his heart to be peaceful, and for comfort beyond measure?

Today we will grieve and then celebrate and give praise to the One who gives and takes away. My Dear Aunt Dee, thank you for every chuckle, and full bellied laugh you gave me, for every moment spent in play and every hug wholeheartedly given. You were a beautiful addition to this family, and you will be greatly missed.




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