What I learned from Fridays and Dunkin Donuts!

When Cash was in Kindergarten we used to have to drive to a bus stop near us that was the earliest route, so that I could get to work on time.

It was really frustrating. We would get there early every time, because you can’t chase the bus down with your car… well I guess you could, but it isn’t like me to chase anyone! 🙂 Something we did during that season was read the Bible together and work on Scripture Memorization. It was so much fun, and even now two years later, the kids know the scriptures, what I didn’t realize was how much it would impact me and my ability to remember the scriptures.

As most of you have read by now, I grew up in church and have been a “seasoned Christian”, a.k.a. I know how to make it look good, but struggle just as much as everyone else. It’s really a false security that I display, and part of that was taught by watching the people around me in church do it. I would see people who I knew on a personal level that struggled in sins, but could quote scripture better than the preacher, and it did something in me. I didn’t want to be like that, but I am realizing that life naturally does that. If you are not careful and cautious you can become entrapped in that; I certainly have been guilty of it.

We learned this one scripture that I don’t remember hearing when I was little and it was very simple, but it gave help, and they learned it with a little bit of Dunkin Donuts as “encouragement”.

“I will call to You in times of trouble and You will answer me.” Psalm 86:7

I told them after they quoted it to me and we drove to Dunkin Donuts for the Friday memory treat that it doesn’t mean that you will get the answer you wanted- but you will get the answer you need, and you will not be alone.

I said that verse to myself today. I was sitting there in pain- heart pain, mental exhaustion and just weariness and I was thinking, “Who can I call?” and He answered me. He placed this worn scripture into my head and reminded me that I am literally one sentence from Him at all times. The best part, I know it came from Him, and He likes to stay mute with me. I can’t remember having a moment where He spoke to me specifically and just now… He did.

This is why I serve Him. He sees me. He knows me. Inside and Out. There is no pretense, just He and I looking into each others eyes and peace knowing He has me, and my entire world in His hands.

If you are anxious today; take a deep breathe and let Him just look at you with those eyes, soothe you with his spirit and relax! You can’t do anything about that problem except give it to Him anyway!





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