It’s Begun!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here they are: ready to take the World by storm!

I won’t post my face- as it was smiling for them, but inwardly crying that they have grown so quickly! They amaze me, the things they think, and say and the way that they make me feel; well its glorious.

I am so grateful for them and all of the things they have taught me about life, love and the amazing grace of God. I really didn’t understand grace until I had them. I didn’t understand that when the Bible tells you we are sinners saved by grace that the purchase price was painful. Logically I know that Jesus suffered, at great lengths, but I didn’t know what it was to have Him say, “I know you did that, but instead of you paying for it, I will pay for it”.

When they spray paint the walls of the garage that were awesome as they were bright blue, and no one seems to know how it happened, and they expect punishment and instead hear, “we don’t know who did it, but we forgive you- and we hope you learn from this what grace looks like”. Instead of a wallop well earned, you get covered in my grace, my forgiveness and my love.

They are little Jesus’ running around me and pushing me to soak myself in Him, because without Him, they will not have a mom who speaks life into them; who encourages them and pushes them to reach His goal for their lives.

For all the little ones and almost adult ones who began school today or who have already started. I bless you to be a head and not a tail. You are the first and not the last, above and not beneath. You are called to something greater than you can imagine. May you have good, kind, and Godly influences this year that press you to be more like Jesus. I bless you to walk and talk in truth, that you would willingly lay down your life for your brother as Jesus instructed. I bless you to be the change in the circumstance, to be the light in this world of darkness. I bless you to befriend the loner and turn their heart towards the Lord. I bless you with my heart although you will not read, hear or see this. You are precious and you were worth the price of an entire field. I bless you to know that Jesus would have died for your sins if you were the only one who would accept Him, just so that you could be in His presence. I bless you to love your moms and dads and have strong family relationships and I bless you to know you are loved- even by this complete stranger.




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