Chevron Window Fun

Hey Guys!!!

Just sharing a crazy project I whipped up yesterday. I have spent the last few days making a Homework Nook for the kids. They are both very easily distracted and their old spot was literally in the center of the house, so there wasn’t a lick of concentration between them. I decided to put them in a different room with a window view. The trick was that during the day the sun is streaming through and I didn’t want them to be in direct sunlight, but wanted the natural light.

I went back to my contact paper and decided that while I love the Moroccan tile pattern on my Kitchen Window and an inside door, that the kids needed something fun! I got the Moroccan window design from Ashley and Greg at; they also live here in Virginia- so I’m sharing some love! Check them out for more interesting, fun and helpful tutorials!



I had already built up some hanging fabric storage in fun chevron prints so I thought- what about a Chevron window!!! If you know me personally you know that Chevron is about as far from my taste as is possible. I am a vintage soul- but for them- this was the best idea!

So— Here we are!!!


Chevron Window1

Chevron Window 2

Super Easy! Mine is so far from perfect- but it was fun, and will peel off when I grow tired of it. I finally understand why the back of contact paper is a block grid; so you can connect the dots!




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