A Smile is your best defense!

I wish I was as good at actually doing the things that I tell my children to do.

Example: Cash is being made fun of for his super awesome, incredibly sweet new glasses.

I say, “Cash, when they start to tease you, tell them to have a nice day and walk away.”

I feel like I don’t have to tell you that my gut reaction as his mom is to go to the school find the kid and “deal with it”.

He of course is worried about it, and it was breaking my heart to hear him worry about it, so i said, smile at them when they tease you; they will stop. He says, “yes ma’am”.

Now when someone does something to me in traffic, or while I am driving that I dislike.. ask me if I smile at them?

Of course not! I wish I could get to a place where I could control my instant reactions… to practice smiling first, but I will honestly say it isn’t my strong suit!

He determined in that moment though to do just that. He said, “I’m gonna try that mom”.

I haven’t seen him yet, so I don’t know how his day is going, but I sure hope that the smile worked. I know what it does to me when he smiles and I can only hope that God will bless his smile, and the ones who have “earned it”.

I hope when I grow up that I can be more like Cash. He is so open, free, witty, kind, loving and so many other things that I want to be.

If you think of him today, say a prayer that his smile moves mountains!





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