Moment of Silence

Today we mark our 13th Anniversary. The day that stood still, but moved so fast. The tragedy, the destruction of lives, and the Sunday that followed it, one of the highest in attendance among churches in our Nation.

Our daughter came home last week and asked me about September 11th. As she is growing I have to remember that 9/11 is my generations Kennedy Assassination. An event so huge that in a moment, I can go back to it in my mind and literally feel the cold a.c. in the classroom I was working in, see the face of the teacher I worked beside, and the horror on it. I remember at 9 a.m. having a moment of silence each year after in the schools, a time to honor with our hearts and minds those whose lives were lost or altered.

I was fresh out of high school, in my first “real job”, working towards a career that I loved, and was desperate to be a part of. I was teaching Head Start, and we had a television in our classroom, and we would listen to the news as we set up for the day ahead. This day in particular was our schools first day in session. Years ago the Head Start students started two weeks after the other students, and we were busy preparing, and then we heard the breaking news notification. The broadcast was switched over and the first tower was on display; smoke pouring out of the sides; the city- The City- the most populated center of our Nation- the one that leads progress, and dreamers pursue, under attack.

We sank into chairs, feeling the sickening weight of terror for those trapped inside, those whose lives had already been lost and those whose loved ones would not return that evening. Details began to emerge, and a deafening silence made it’s way into this little trailer classroom. Tears of the unknown streaming down our cheeks. As we watched, the second plane appeared in sight and then disappeared into the second tower. We could do little more than glance at each other. I went into the school and the atmosphere was different, it was almost as though the air inside it had changed.  Others were on cell phones, shock evident, and panic emerging. We were collectively, the leaders, and guardians of the little minds and sensitive hearts of the students about to exit their school buses and enter our possession. It was now time to paste a smile on our face and be as genuinely normal as we could. We did just that, we spent that day loving on children and wiping away huge tears caused by little boo-boos and we gave them a wonderful first day. A notice was prepared by the main office and went home with each child outlining the events of the day that were or were not shared with the children.

When the children left the possession of each teacher, reactions became fearful, vocal, and tense. We were afraid- on our soil. This is an unknown feeling to modern day Americans. Lord forgive the tragedy and death of the American Indians at our hands when we “discovered” this land, we now had an inkling to the feeling of being run after by foreign terrorists. The strongest Nation on the planet was poised to fight with tears of sorrow streaming down their faces. I left work and went home and war was on every mind. We were going to go to war. Who would be called? Would their be a draft? It didn’t seem we would need one, because so many instantly grabbed courage by the horns and marched to a recruitment center and willingly signed up.

I relived the moment last week with Loralei. She asked questions, I answered. She wanted to see it. She is incredibly visual and because of that I allowed her to see a small piece of footage. She is 8- maybe it was too soon for her, but what I know is that the guessing could have made it far worse. She asked about the people in the planes. Who they were, where they were from? “Were they scared, Mom?” “How did they take the planes over?” “What about the one that crashed?”

I answered slowly, and cautiously. I gave the best answers I knew how and I cried and I silently mourned the loss of so many. The passengers, the employees, the children, the parents, and the incredible fire fighters and paramedics that refused to put their lives above the lives of those trapped inside.She in her normal way vocalized her thoughts- “I think I want to cry mom.” I encouraged her to not hold in tears- it doesn’t not make you stronger because the Lord is made strong in our weakness.

I mourn them again today. I told Loralei that hero’s took over the plane in Pennsylvania, that other building employees, Fire Fighters and Police Officers sacrificed their lives to bring home so many that wouldn’t have made it home; I tell her that our country rose and will continue to rise above challenges. I told her that she is loved and she has a purpose to fulfill, and she may not know what it is but if she will trust in the Lord, He will bring her to that place, and she will know. She can be a hero too,  in her moment, with God as her strength.

I disagree with most of the changes that are occurring in our land. I disagree because the actions and decisions being made are directly contradicted by the mandate of God and Heaven. I disagree that countless babies have been murdered in our Land, their cries literally unheard. I disagree that a covenant arranged by God has been replaced by a contract by man. I disagree that the government is able to dictate what food my child’s cafeteria serves, or what I send for my child to eat for lunch when Marijuana is being purchased using my tax money for the EBT SNAP Program along with candy, Red Bull and other junk foods. I disagree with many things- but I stand for one thing- One Nation- Under God-Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All. I stand beneath the Red, White and Blue, because despite our past- despite our future- I believe that 1 person in the present- can change the world.

May God Bless and keep you today, may the wind be at your back, and your sail be full, may you know the joy and peace of the Lord, may you walk upright before man and heaven. May you know who and whose you are. May you be bold and courageous and not cower in fear in the face of your enemy. May you be His, marked and called to purpose. May God richly bless and encourage you today, and safeguard your family from harm.

Blessings- in abundance,




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