10 Sentences That Gave Me Hope

I found a new site today… imom.com

You should go to it…. go ahead… it’s really great. Good information, reader friendly content- way better stuff than you can find flowing from my brain!

There was one article that caught my attention: “10 Things Boys Want to Hear From Their Moms”

  1. You are strong.
  2. You are brave.
  3. You are smart.
  4. You are kind.
  5. You are handsome.
  6. You amaze me.
  7. You will be a great husband one day.
  8. You will be a great father one day.
  9. I am always here for you.
  10. I will always love you, no matter what.

I haven’t failed- as a mom- not being home with our children everyday- I didn’t fail- because at the end of everyday Cash knows these things.

He knows that he rocks my world with his awesomeness, that he is smart and wonderful and he brings great joy to my life.

If you are a mom who is working to help support your family by choice, or by default- you have not failed. Until you stop trying. That is the definition of failure to me: when you do not try.

Thank You imom.com for posting this- it is the first time in 9 years that I realized I have not failed my children.





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