School Supply-*Nerd Alert*!


—-Nerd Alert—-

You were warned.

If you proceed you will be entering the chaos neatly organized in my mind.

Ok- it’s your own fault!

I love… school supplies.

Love them.

I see index cards and I get excited. Like really excited- if they are assorted colors- watch out, I may do something that embarrasses you- like dance in a mini jig circle. (it has happened- ashamedly-more than once)

I love pencils- freshly sharpened and the smell of lead just sliced. If I could have an old school sharpener fastened to my wall- It would be there.

I think Jelly Roll pens (back 17 years ago) were the absolute coolest pens created to date.

I am learning that no matter how much I love these supplies and the use of them for the purpose of learning more; I can’t force my children onto my side of the bus and make them love them too.

—Enter Pain here—

I was fighting with the kids to get homework done- neatly one night and I actually (this is so embarrassing) stomped my foot like Loralei did -1 time, I might add- when she was 3 years old, and said these words- (this is soooooo embarrassing- but I promise to always be honest-eek) “Whyyyy don’t you like reading and writing and doing homework??? I don’t understand!!!” 

The faces they viewed me with- WOW. Not disgust- but more of a, “huh?”

See the example below:


The hardest part is that they work so hard.

I mean- they make every effort. They aren’t lazy- they just don’t get it. I have been witnessing Loralei growing in her deductive skills significantly this year. Some things are clicking that didn’t before. I am so glad for that. It’s still harder for her than most kids, but she can do it.

I try to make it a little more fun- and I make games out of homework, I try to use some of my little bitty-doesn’t even count- degree to help them, and some parts work and others don’t.

Cash gives his all, although his way of giving all is much different than hers. I think that is so cool; and every bit as frustrating. 🙂 Just being honest.

As of now, the thought of actually using school supplies, still causes a groan within the house. Not having homework on Fridays makes for a fun afternoon! They run through the house putting their belongings away, emptying their lunch boxes and then shouting, “NO HOMEWORK!” I shake my head and invent things for them to do with all of that energy.

At the end of the day- we as parents do our best- we encourage, we lift up and we turn their eyes back to the source of their strength; Jesus.

I also encourage them to make learning fun! Fun = School Supplies for those of you who aren’t nerds! 🙂 Just buy a pack of assorted colored index cards- it awakens the soul-j/k!





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