Exercise-Because it’s WORTH it!

Tim and I have been working on changing our lifestyle, making an effort to be a bit more healthy.

Oh yeah- you read that right.

Now I know why I never wanted to be healthy before- you have to eat & drink weird things and break a sweat.

I love food, and I love not sweating.

In fact- eating food while I’m in a.c.- is my favorite thing to do.

Unfortunately, I woke up one day a few months ago and realized that it was getting more difficult to eat the donut and not look like I was a donut; so, something had to change. I began “running”… if there was a comical way to show you what that first run was like…



Live from the Middle of the Pack – Hurry Up and Slow Down!======= yep. that was similar, except since I am a girl ladies they are missing sweat in other places-know what I am sayin’?=======

So I only got about a quarter mile before I thought I may be dying. I can home, tail between my legs, face redder than a bright new tomato and vowed to try again tomorrow.

After steady practice, I have amped up to about 3 miles at a time. Amazing right? I thought so too, until today when I ran with Tim.

5 miles. Yesssssss, and it felt so good! The children ride their bikes and stick next to us when we go, and they are learning a lifestyle of exercise.

They drink protein shakes with me and celebrate our long runs and together we are changing our family history. Kiss it diabetes, and cholesterol! Hasta La Vista lazy bones! See ya Later, Jack!

Will I fall off the wagon- at some point, I am sure I will but for now, I say to you- don’t complain about it anymore- do something about it. I can’t stand to hear Tim whine about something he is unwilling to put effort into fixing. If that is you, and you stand in front of a mirror and drop your sweats to the ground and reach for the tub of Blue Bell, sister, make another decision. Drop the spoon, grab your kids stuff them into strollers, put them on bikes and show them what you tell them, “never give up, always do your best, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”


Because I love you, and the people who choose to be in you life- love you. Make a commitment to not be the reason you head out of this crazy world- but instead just be called home.

Don’t short change yourself. It is UP TO YOU!




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