Projects and Journeys

What an adventure life is. Such an eventful journey. I have had to learn to trust God in new ways over the last year, and it hasn’t been easy. I have not lived an easy life, but I have lived a blessed life. I have endured tragedy, heartbreak, insecurity, desperation, and fear. I have also experienced breakthroughs that would blow your mind. I have had moments of such serenity that it was almost a glimpse to a life of perfect peace when we join our Father, Creator, Maker- in Heaven.

I have met people along this journey that have marked me forever. I have expressed thanks to many of them throughout my time writing.  I have learned things by those who mark me, some because they push me to attempt more, to apply myself more, to grow more. One of those people has recently become a part of my life. Isn’t it amazing how many people share a piece of your life? A moment, a day, a week, a month- years? While my Step Mother in Law battled for her life we had some nurses who became her literally angels. They cared for her beyond the requirements, and they cared for us by extension the same way. In abundance, overwhelmingly loving, kind, and generous, with time, energy, comfort and even food. The took their commitment to their occupation to a new level.

I recently met someone who is much like those nurses who cared for Sheryl. She is driven. She is brave. She is a force to be reckoned with, and she is kind. There are few like her. She works unto the Lord, with an incredible work ethic, and a desire to excel- which she clearly does.

Recently I found out that she has gone into remission for a cancer I didn’t know she had. She is back in school- because she wants more than a Master’s, and is the lead on a huge project that will begin her Company’s use of a new Electronic Medical Record System. She has insight that surprises me, and while I would like to deny it, I may have a case of hero worship going on. The information she holds in her mind for 20 minutes would exhaust me and yet it seems to be effortless. She pushes me though she doesn’t know it. She encourages me to keep working to be better. To never settle for less than I can do with the strength of the Lord.

There is more I can say- but mostly- I wanted you to know that with the Lord, all things are possible. Nothing can stop you from accomplishing what you and the Lord agree to do. Not Cancer, not Heart Disease, not people disappointing you, or people telling you that you can’t do it. Nothing can hold the Lord back from His promise- but you.

If there is something you have been waiting on doing, because you aren’t sufficient to complete the task, or you doubt your ability- trust His ability. He is sufficient in all things. He will complete what He begins. Trust Him to complete what He has given you to do.




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