A Crown of Prayer

“Know the state of your flocks,

and put your heart into caring for your herds,

for riches don’t last forever,

and the crown might not be passed to the next generation.”

Proverbs 27: 23-24

I have never seen or read this with impact until today. Before I became a mother, I would read right past things like this, not with intent, but simply because I didn’t get it. I did this morning and it wounded my heart a little. I realize now that it has everything to do with my family- my children, my grandchildren and great- grandchildren. If I am now covering them in prayer- even now before they are conceived, if I am not laying my hands on their precious heads every night or filling them with the gospel of our salvation, I am laying waste to all the prayer I and those who have gone before me have worked to accomplish. How utterly terrifying.

When I read about the Crown it says many things to me,

  • A place of Honor in the Family line
  • A status symbol that we are wealthy- financially secure
  • A gift bestowed upon us by someone of authority
  • Influence- to move others- encourage others and guide others
  • Faith- the very essence of things not seen- but hoped for- the ability to stand until it is seen
  • A position of great courage and Bravery

I am sure you can think of more, probably even better symbolic references to your families crown. This is all I could come up with this morning! 🙂

I am part of a strong and influential family- we don’t have the ability to whisper guidance, to our Governmental leaders, we can’t create mandates and dictates of what should and shouldn’t be done, but we are large- and we are able to stand for something, or die on the sword fighting for it. I had praying Great Grandma’s, and a praying Nannie who today will offer prayers on my behalf- and they work. I don’t know if any of my Grandfather’s prayed, I mean them no disrespect, but I am unsure if they even prayed over something as simple as a meal, much less laid their hands upon their little ones sick bodies and believed for healing. I am grateful that while Tim and I struggle in a great many things, we do not struggle to believe for healing, or to show by example that the power of two gathered in the name of Jesus, can do anything.

When I complain about a headache, or not feeling well, 4 little hands come to my body and they pray- and they believe something will happen- because they prayed. When I say they pray- I mean they don’t care what it sounds like to me, or to anyone else, they have no need to gain praise for their words issued as a plea to Heaven. They don’t close their eyes, and squeeze them shut so they can’t see- they stand open hearted and they pray. Recently a friend received news that she may miscarry, I happened to be at home at the time, and I said- kids- we have an opportunity to ask God to save a little baby still in his mama’s tummy- will you pray with me?

I pray that I can hear my children pray over me for the rest of my life. Their beautiful hearts called out to God on that little ones behalf and a few days later I was able to go home and tell them- God heard our prayers and that little baby is ok! They looked at me and said, “well- we prayed”…. open looks of “duh”. It pleased my heart and more importantly- they touched God’s heart.

We have a choice to leave a legacy of children with a heart after God, or the world. Believe it or not- it is our choice. Will they have a decision to make one day? Yep. Could they turn away- yes. Is there a promise that He complete’s every good work He begins- Yes. So, if I cover them in prayer- truly take time out of my day and cover them and their decisions, aren’t their chances of staying with Him, or drawing back to Him more likely. I have to believe the chances are far greater with a consistent praying momma, than without!

Lift your Little, and Big ones up today- they are desperate for your prayers- as are the generations that follow you.




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