about mel

Hi! I’m Mel; a mom of two incredible children, wife to Tim, and a full time out of the home worker. I also have a terrible habit of always trying to come up with something made from scratch… food, crafts, and projects… yes it is a tragedy of my own making. I have heard whispers about hoarding, but that’s neither here nor there… 🙂

It is my greatest desire that by reading some of these posts you will experience the supernatural presence of God in your life. I bless you to feel His love for you each day, as you drink your coffee, or tea, and settle in for a few moments to yourself. Those moments are often the only thing that keeps me functioning as a wife, mother and employee. It’s not selfish to refresh yourself or to give yourself time to renew your mind!

BeFunky_BeFunky_2013-02-12 18blog.jpg

While we may learn, laugh or see some fun things here created from nothing; the greatest thing you can make from scratch is a true and beautiful relationship with your creator. He desires to know you more intimately than you even know yourself. If you don’t know Him… or have doubts, please ask me about Him, and I will tell you a story; the story, that changed my life.


contact me: mrssumma@delightfullyhis.com


Leave me a message! :)

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