2015- The Beginning

So- It’s been a few months, sorry about that. Life has been real and happening in the Summa house and we have been rolling with the punches to come out unscathed!

I hope your holiday season was everything you believed it would be. I can speak for us, and it was wonderful! I can’t ask for more than the Lord gives me. My dreams come true all of the time, and not just because I have small dreams! 🙂

I have some interesting news for those who have been following along in this journey.

I met with my dad a few months ago, quite unexpectedly and we are working to restore a broken relationship. Please pray for us, as in growth, there is pain.

When I stopped writing a few months ago, I decided that maybe I would stop altogether, especially since it didn’t seem that what I wrote really affected anyone or anything. As I began 2015, I started to miss the gentle tapping of the keys and the clearness of mind that always comes after a particularly special message. What I write isn’t for you. I guess saying it and knowing it are two different things. I write to Him. I tell my deepest secrets to Him, and while you are certainly a part of that journey, it’s not your journey that I journal, it’s mine. Can He use my weakness? My tears, challenges, pain, and joy to show you the way to His heart?  – well of course, He is God.

What does this year bring? I don’t know. I know what is ahead and behind me is covered by the grace and mercy of God, and I will keep walking. There are days my head is heavy, and I can barely lift it for the shame, or disappointment that I carry. There are other days when I feel like I actually am Wonder Woman, and no obstacle can conquer my mission. The remaining time, I realize that I am simply here for a short time; that my real life begins, when I meet my Savior face to face.

What I will tell you whether you are new or a returning visitor- God is Able, Faithful, Incredible and He wants to come along for your journey- but He won’t invite Himself.








My children’s favorite movie is “Rise of the Guardians”. I myself didn’t see it until after they had watched it about 3 times. Tim watched it with them, but I was always busy (that normally means, I am sewing or painting something in a different room so they can have quiet and darkness during the movie- thats an ultra no-no to Tim. Lights HAVE to be out!)

When I finally stopped what I was doing and watched it, I loved it. I mean I really got into it, and as I was watching, I was amazed at the fact that this secular movie was completely based on Biblical principles! I am certain they did not intend for it to look this way, but it did! If you haven’t seen this movie yet, please do. I love the joy it brought to my children’s eyes.


Good. Holiness. Righteousness. Will ALWAYS Win!

I love that they gave me animated examples of how to express the love of God for them, i.e. the “man in the moon”. That good will always win the war, even if a battle is lost along the way. We have a promise that He will come through, that He is coming for His bride and thanks to dreamworks animations, I now have material for children’s ministry, on a corporate and a home level. Wouldn’t it be fun to design Children’s lessons off of movies they love. The secular world, those who don’t know the love of God for them through the sacrifice of His son, don’t realize that they are still instruments that He can use for His glory! (I love that!)

The Lord has “Righteous Anger”, It looks I would guess a bit like this…


This is sandman- I see Him as Holy Spirit. I used to think of Holy Spirit as a thing, instead of a name. He is Holy Spirit. He isn’t a The. He is a He! He is powerful and able to go on our behalf to comfort us in fear or times of confusion.

when He is up against this..


This is Pitch- the Boogeyman… His main weapon is Fear. Sounds a bit in line with what we know our our greatest enemy.

and then before long there is defeat that looks like this…


The Lord our God is incredible! He is able to do all things, beyond our expectations and dreams, if He can defeat our enemy can He not go on our behalf in the smaller things in life? In the larger things in life? He is incredible.